Women for Women International

Please check out this organization at their website: womenforwomen.org

Women for Women is an international non-profit that helps victims of sexual violence in war zones become active, contributing members of society. They are doing important work.


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Dear Readers,

This blog exists in order to circulate information about issues that affect female (and male) soldiers, as well as to provide a forum in which Americans citizens and citizens of the world can share ideas and opinions. I am confident that I have posted information and statistics from reliable sources like the U.S. Department of Defense website and well-respected news agencies. Please let me know if you find sources, links and/or published material that contradict or correct the statistics found on this blog. Feel free to post links and information as comments, and I will be sure to check them out. I appreciate your feed-back and your help. After all, this blog is supposed to open the conversation, to get people talking about the issues, and to provide accurate information. The status of fact is tenuous these days (perhaps always), but I would feel terrible if this blog, something that I care deeply about, were furthering lies. Please help me make this a good, helpful and truthful internet space.


Russian Dollz

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Lot O’ Links for Female Soldiers and Veterans

Good site: Military and Veteran Women Resource Guide

A lot of links for female soldiers and vets.


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Straight from Perez

I know its trash, but we still love to read it, and this is applicable: Homes For Our Troops.

Thanks Perez, for once.

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Russian Female Soldiers in WWII

Call it WWII or the Great Patriotic War (Russia), women played major roles. Another wordpress blog posted about a conference on Russian female soldiers who enlisted during WWII. Read Here.

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Special Ops

Hey faithful, I just wanted to throw this little NYT article up for you about a newly published book on battlefield surgery. Many of you have probably seen the article, but for those who haven’t, it looks very interesting and seems to provide a unique eye into the world of army life, medicine and casualties that the government has been trying to filter. Forward by Bob Woodruff.

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Army Recruiters

This blog article is about sexual harassment perpetrated by army recruiters. Also, check out the comments, there is a particularly interesting longer one with a few good links.

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